04 July 2012

A Present For Me!

When I got married, my darling husband came with a collection of some 84 pocket handkerchiefs (yes I counted).  The picture below is how I organized them using a hanging jewelry bag. He brought them just thrown into some sort of basket. That system was SO not gonna work for me....

Christmas in July?

Last year I wanted a red suit to wear to church on Christmas morning but I couldn't find just the right shade that I wanted so I decided to make something. Since I'd waited until the 11th hour (and I NEVER do that) it needed to be something fairly simple. This dress was perfect because it didn't have that many pattern pieces.  I did finish it in time and wore it Christmas morning. Unfortunately my beloved husband is not the most attentive photographer and I didn't want to use the picture he took. I wore it again recently so I finally have a pic for the blog.

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