27 October 2014

Inaugural Tulle Skirt

I've been seeing these tulle skirts on trend for well over a year now. And I've been coveting one. However I was very apprehensive about the amount of tulle it would require to make a skirt with the desired fullness. So I kept living vicariously through others.

I've read tutorials and asked for tips from other brave sewers. I've made a no-sew tutu last year as part of a costume. But tulle skirts are different. Much more "grown-up" and dainty.

Well I finally decided to bite the bullet. I kept trying to think of what ensemble I could put together without needing to buy new shoes. My first choice was a hot pink skirt but I couldn't find a coordinating knit for the underskirt so I went with black. Black is so easy. You can never go wrong with black.

SIDENOTE: Some how I got it in my mind that I NEEDED a knit/stretch underskirt. But now that I've done one, I realize that I can easily use a woven.

The tulle layers are circle skirts. I love how it flares at the bottom without having to gather the waistline. I used my hip measurement to calculate the radius. For this one I made a one-seam pencil skirt for the lining. It was very fussy and kept riding up. Next time I think I will make the underskirt a circle also.
I am very pleased with the outcome and am now looking forward to my next version. Now that I know I won't suffocate under 6 yards of tulle. This skirt is 6 layers of tulle. I think I would prefer 2-4 more layers next time.
I received tons of compliments when I wore this to church. I decided to offer the tulle skirts for sale in my Etsy shop House of Inez .


  1. Tulle skirts are gorgeous, but so delicate, you can only wear them to church or out to dinner; they are not robust enough for everyday wear at all. It's really pretty and looks so nice on you :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. Yes after church we had dinner and ran a couple of errands. By the time we got home, I couldn't get out of that thing fast enough LOL!


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