02 October 2014

The Hell or High Water Dress

There were pictures floating around the online sewing community of Atlanta-based celebrity hair stylist Jasmine Collins wearing these GORGEOUS dresses created by local designer Joshey Casey (couldn't seem to find a website for him).

I don't know if this is her signature look but it's working for her, wouldn't you say?

Allow me to call your attention to this lovely floral striped fabric.

Is it speaking to you? It spoke to me. And apparently it spoke to others too. So word on the street was this fabric was sold at a store called Fine Fabrics in Atlanta. Only thing is....Fine Fabrics does not have a website. Well I decided that I would have this fabric come hell or high water so I contacted a friend who recently moved to Atlanta and asked her to fabric shop for me. You have to love friends who understand your obsessions and don't judge you for them. In fact, she said I'm going to look for fabric for me too so you just make me a dress and we'll call it even. WHAT!? I have the best good friends.

Imagine the cartwheels my heart did when she sent me this pic from the store! The fabric arrived a few short days later.

I made her dress and shipped it within a couple of weeks. (UPDATE: I finally got pics of her wearing the dress). Now that I see her version on, I much prefer her neckline. On my next version, I'll lower the neckline a bit.

It took me a little bit longer to get around to making mine. One would think for all that I went thru to get the fabric, I would have made it right away. Life. Ya know?

Anywhatever, it was nearing the end of summer so I figured I'd better get to it. I used a fitted tshirt  pattern from Butterick (cut off at the waistline) and borrowed sleeves from a Simplicity dress pattern. The bottom is two half circles.

So anyway, here's my version. Not too shabby ehh?

I'm quite pleased with the pattern placement but I have to confess it was the luck of the draw. I would style it a little different the next time I wear it (which probably won't be until next spring/summer) but at the time I was on my way to meet my mom & sister for lunch so I had to use what I had in my closet. It looks better with a belt but I think a pop of color would make a bolder statement.

Did you happen to notice the trim on Ms Sullivan's neckline?

I had no idea what it was but I definitely noticed it. As luck would have it, I was shopping online for some bra-making supplies and just happened across a listing for "stretch piping". It's a plush elastic with a satin stitch along one edge.

There were only limited colors available so I chose the aqua to coordinate with the flower in the fabric. I ASSUME this is what was used in the inspiration dress. It wasn't difficult at all to apply. Basically use the same method as you would attach any ole regular elastic. Applied to the outside, turned it and then top stitched.

So there you have it - my hell or high water dress.  And all it cost me was the $12 it cost to ship my friend's dress Priority.


  1. WOW. What a story! And, what a price!!!!!



  2. Gorgeous Fabric--Gorgeous Dress!

  3. Awesome job all the way around. I think I like you version better.

  4. Beautiful dresses and great story behind it.

  5. Lovely dress - and a much better neckline height - your dress is much more of a winner because of that - it adds class.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I thought a more modest neckline would make the dress more versatile.

  6. Your beautiful dress definitely has the 'wow' factor.... and a great story too!

  7. I agree definitely a wow dress it's gorgeous well done

  8. Your dress is very beautiful and looks great on you.

  9. Beautiful dress! Thank goodness for friends. I had one pick up some fabric for me once in NYC that I saw on a blog!

    1. Thanks Toni. Yes great friends are the best!


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