01 March 2011

Meet The Craft Room

As I said in my initial post, I actually DO have a craft room. However it needs quite the face lift and mucho organization is required. I've been procrastinating on getting started. I did remove the top layer of wallpaper border that was in there.  I neglected to take a pic before I did this so you'll just have to take my word for it. This is a very small room - maybe 10x10 tops so space is at a premium.

Jamie over at Prudent Baby posted last week about giving her craft room a face lift and solicited her readers for advice. I will most definitely be sifting through the comments and maybe I'll find some ideas to incorporate with ideas I already have.

I'll be painting the room white. I already have paint that was given to me by a coworker. Can't beat free!

I'm also hoping to have a magnetic wall above my cutting table to hold patterns/tutorials so that I can keep my cutting table clutter free while I'm working. I'm also considering making a section of the wall above the sewing table magnetic. Again to hold patterns. I have some magnetic paint I bought at Home Depot. Reviews I read online were mixed so I'm cautiously optimistic about the outcome of this.

So here's the moment of mystery...

My house is very old - built in the 40's when people had like 1 change of clothes so all of the closets are very small. I'd like to be able to use this closet for craft storage but I'd have to find a new home from my dresses and right now that's not looking very promising.

To the left is where the ironing board lives. I pretty much never put it away. Who knew sewing required so much ironing?

Over here is my cutting table. I'm usually very anal about keeping it clear but right now we're having a moment. I found this adjustable-height table at Sam's Club. The tallest height is perfect for cutting out patterns. Underneath I keep a basket to drop my scraps in. That pink thingymajig has various unfinished crochet projects and yarn remnants.
Over here is my sewing tables. I started out with just one but I always had to move the sewing machine or the serger to have enough room. So now each one has its own table.

Last but not least I have this bookshelf. This storage space didn't stretch as far as I'd hoped it would. Although I still have quite a bit more organizing to do.

So there. You've met the craft room. It's messy. Don't judge me. Stay tuned for updates as the transformation takes place and please leave comments if you have any decorating/organizing ideas.

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  1. How about purchasing some clear rubber storage bins for you yarn and extra materials. I think that will help you with organizing your room. Overall, I like your room.


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