26 April 2011

(After) Women's Day Dress

So Women's Day at my church was Sunday April 17 (Yep! Past tense). The colors were blue and white so I decided several months ago that I would attempt to make a dress. I found a blue/white print fabric that was pretty interesting (which was a stretch for lil ole miss plain jane).

Things were going pretty good but I hit a busy couple of weeks and couldn't find much time to get in the craft room. Between pre-women's day activities. And oh the small issue of having to move everything out of the craft room unexpectedly so it could be painted... Well I was up at midnight on Saturday night and I just decided I was tired of fooling with it. So I implemented PLAN B. I went down to the basement and pulled out my white suit, threw a blue lap scarf in my pocketbook and went to bed.

I won't call it a complete failure because this was quite a few firsts for me. It was my first time ever making a dress (although I have made a couple of skirts). It was also my first time making a lined garment. My first time following a Vogue pattern (V1183). And it's soooooo close to being done. It really just needs a little fitting and if you look very closely you'll see it's not hemmed.

I'll finish it some day soon. But for now, there she hangs....

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  1. I love the dress and pattern of the dress, very pretty.


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