04 July 2012

A Present For Me!

When I got married, my darling husband came with a collection of some 84 pocket handkerchiefs (yes I counted).  The picture below is how I organized them using a hanging jewelry bag. He brought them just thrown into some sort of basket. That system was SO not gonna work for me....

Of course you NEED that many hankies if you have over 125 ties (yep...counted). Again my organization. He had them stored in a laundry basket. Really dude?

But apparently 84 is not nearly enough. One day I drug hubby kicking and screaming into Joann's Fabrics. This was the ultimate "I'm officially married" task. But he quickly changed his tune when he saw all these wonderful fabrics that he could add to his hankie collection. He emerged with about 15 cuts of fabric. Back at the ranch, I gave him a quick lesson on  using a rotary cutter and put him to work. He cut the fabric and I serged the edges. At the end of this quality time, he had a nice lil addition to his collection.

But still not nearly enough.

A second reluctant visit to Joann's resulted in even more fabrics. This time I didn't count. A few days later I walked into my craft room and found a present waiting for me...a nice pile of fabric squares laying on the ironing board. He took the initiative to cut the squares so when I have some "free time" I can just go ahead and "tie up the edges". How cute is that?!

Thanks dear. You're the best!


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