09 December 2013

Make a Garment a Month | To be Continued...

Where did November go? Ugh! The last few weeks have been hectic and I'm feeling very overwhelmed. While I did manage to complete a garment in November, it was not my OFFICIAL challenge entry. Well I partially completed it. I made the bolero but never got to cutting out the actual gown. I apologize it is quite wrinkled. But if I waited to find time to steam it, it would never get posted. At this point I'm trying to remain committed to posting regularly so this has to be it.

The fabric is crepe back satin from Joann. For the lining I decided to use a coral satin I had left over from a previous project (which I STILL haven't blogged). I thought a pop of color would be a nice touch. Now I'm kinda feeling like I should have stuck with the grey. Oh well. I probably won't wear it anyways.

Unfortunately I now have changed my mind about making the gown. This is crunch time. I need a dress completed by Friday for an event. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll be using the same fabric but who knows yet what it'll turn into?


  1. Hi Monica, sometimes plans do change - but that's okay, at least you did something.

    I think when you wear the jacket the lining will be okay- but I know what you mean - sometimes a good idea turns out not to be:). It is a pretty jacket, so I hope you get a chance to wear it.

    I'll be changing the challenge next year - I'll be setting up a separate blog - I'm assuming you will want to join. To do so, please send me an email, to stylishsarah251@gmail.com. Then I can send you an invite - blogger has an automated process, and needs the email address. Have a lovely Xmas and New Year.

  2. Hi Sarah. Thanks for stopping by. Yes I do intend to continue the challenge. It's been a great motivator for me.


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