02 January 2014

MAGAM Challenge - January 2014 Plans

2013 has been quite an exciting year. Unlike previous years I've managed to complete quite a few garments for myself of which I am quite proud. Outside of a Sewing 101 class taken about 3 years ago, I have pretty much been self-taught and I am always challenging myself to improve my sewing skills and looking to learn new techniques.

This past year I challenged myself to do a better job of finishing the insides of my garments. And I've done pretty well in that area. I haven't mastered every technique available and I will continue to work on that. But I no longer produce garments that I'm ashamed to take to the dry cleaners.

In the past I've had some struggles with fitting and I think this year I've finally figured out why. I've had some moments when I've scratched my head and said I THOUGHT I cut out the right size. What I've discovered is that I need to learn to do some pattern alterations. Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) and Sway Back Adjustment are two that I've identified. So my challenge for 2014 will be two-fold (1) getting a better fit in my garments (2) sewing some wardrobe staples. Most of the items I've made are dresses to wear to church. Which is fine but I'm only at church once a week. I want to build a wardrobe of clothes for every day wear. So these are my challenges for myself for the upcoming year.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn to sew was because I had a hard time finding ready-to-wear clothes that fit properly. The one thing I remember always complaining about is finding shirts that are long enough to stay tucked in. I guess I have a long torso. With that in mind, McCalls 5929 was one of the very first patterns I ever bought. And I've never made it. I will be making View A.

Initially I was intimidated by the ruffles. And the sleeves lol. It was one of those patterns that I bought and said ONE DAY I'M GOING TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS. So now I'm going back to the beginning. This will be my garment for the MAGAM Challenge for January. This will be my first button-up shirt so I'm looking forward to the process. I'm no longer intimidated by ruffles or sleeves. :)

I have several yards of white poplin that I purchased a while ago with the intent of making some white tops. I'm of the opinion that one can never have enough white tops.

What challenges have you set for yourself for the upcoming year?

P.S. I'm hoping to complete this garment very early in the month and then put my machine in the shop for overdue maintenance. I've never had my machine maintenanced since I bought it 4 years ago. Shame, shame!


  1. Hi Monica - these are great goals you have set for yourself - it is important to be proud of the inside of the garment as well as the outside. You do have a nice figure, so yes, it is wise to do a Full Bust Adjustment - and Sway Back adjustment for the curvy back. You may have to do a muslin to check the adjustments - an old sheet is great for this, or fabric you have that you don't like :).

  2. Hoping it all works out well, the blouse will be very pretty!


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