08 September 2013

Bonus Dress + Pattern Review | Simplicity 2582

I'm calling this dress a "bonus" because it wasn't initially intended for me.  It was supposed to be for someone else however they didn't follow thru to pay for it. I recently lost 10 lbs. so the dress fits me. BONUS. Fortunately I was only out of less than $20 for fabric + shipping (BONUS) but it was definitely a lesson learned.

UFO + Pattern Review | New Look 6124

I recently challenged myself to two things:
(1) A fabric fast until the end of the year. I have ENTIRELY too much fabric in my stash. So from now until the end of the year, anything I make, the fabric has to come from my stash (other than lining/notions).

(2) To finish up some Unfinished Objects (UFOs). This is one of those UFOs.

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