19 November 2013

Pattern Review | Vogue 2091 (OOP)

I cut this dress out several weeks ago hoping to wear it some place we were going. (I don't even remember where now.) At any rate, it was too big and required too much fitting so I set it aside and wore something else. I finally finished it and wore it to a wedding reception Saturday evening.

Here's a review for my fellow sewers.

10 November 2013

Pattern Review | Butterick 5950

I saw this amazing fabric at Joann a couple of weeks ago and completely fell in love with it. As I stated several weeks back, I have been on a self-imposed challenge to not buy any fabric for the rest of the year. When I saw this fabric, I had it in my shopping cart, walked around the store with it, put it back and left the store. Then I went home and dreamed about it. I went back within the week and purchased the fabric LOL.

01 November 2013

Make a Garment a Month Challenge | November Garment

For my November garment I'm choosing Vogue 2237. It is a strapless floor-length gown with a long sleeved bolero.

This dress will be for a formal we're going to in mid-December. I'm starting early because I've never made anything like this. The dress includes a foundation complete with boning. Plus we're going out of town the week of Thanksgiving. When we get back I'll have a week until the event. My hope is to get it pretty much finished prior to leaving. And I can take it with me to do any hand sewing that needs to be done. I need to put my machine in the shop for overdue maintenance while we're away so taking the sewing machine with me is not an option.

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