25 March 2014

MAGAM Challenge: March 2014 Completed Garment + Pattern Review

Here is my completed garment for March for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge. I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago but hadn't worn it until a few days ago.

11 March 2014

MAGAM Challenge : March Plans + Fabric Challenge

So I have this pile of fabric on my sewing table. It's on my table not because I'm too lazy or too busy to put it away. It's on my table because I literally have no place else to put it. My fabric shelves are filled to overflowing. SO! I need to do some major sewing so I can get this pile off my table. It's very stressful in my sewing room right now because I have stuff all over the place. I don't operate well in chaos. So this is my current challenge.

04 March 2014

MAGAM Challenge : February Completed Garment

I'm a little late posting my completed garment for February. I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago - not in time to wear it when I intended but completed nonetheless. This skirt went together fairly easy. I added about 4 inches to both the bottom and the top section. Both fabrics were pieces I had in my stash. The fuchsia was a small remnant so I just made that section long enough to use up the piece that I had. I added the rest of the length to the top portion to acquire the length I wanted. Not sure if you can tell from the pics but I went all out with the color blocking and made the waistband white.

A couple of bloopers. I managed to put the waistband on backwards so I have to wear the skirt with the zipper on the right side instead of the left so that the overlap goes in the right direction. I also got some stains on it with my wax chalk. It's not highly visible as it was a yellow chalk. I'm going to treat the stains and launder it and hope it comes out. I've never had that happen before. The markings usually come right off with a warm iron.

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