08 February 2011


When my darling husband saw how much I spent at Joann's this weekend he said "You need to go on your blog TODAY and repent". Well I'm a few days late (and a couple bucks short) but in the interest of being a good obedient wife :) I'm repenting.

I really didn't buy THAT much. Just a few patterns and a couple pieces of fabric (and some thread. lots & lots of thread. It was on sale).

You know you've spent too much time in the fabric store when you can immediately recognize new fabrics lol! I'm super excited about this lovely print I found.

It's really a stretch for me as I am a self-proclaimed Plain Jane and tend to stick to solids. But I thought this would make a great sundress or maxi dress for summer.

03 February 2011

So What's With the Name?

Inez is my middle name which I absolutely HATED my whole life. I always thought it was an "old lady" name. Which my mom confirmed when she told me I was named me after some old lady named Ms. Inez who was nice to her when she was pregnant with me. So noooooooobody else was nice to her right? It didn't help that one of my classmates grandmother's name was Ms. Inez. Anywho I finally embraced it when I reached my 30's. All of a sudden it seemed "mature". So that's the first part.

I'm always being teased that I have "old lady" hobbies. Apparently there's an age requirement for crocheting, knitting & sewing and I haven't met it yet. So anyway, that's that.

When trying to decide on a name for my blog, it only made sense to throw the old lady components in there. So that's how I arrived at Inez's Craft Room. Clear as mud? Good!

I do actually have a craft room but I'll tell yall about that later!

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