14 October 2013


A couple of months ago, I realized I have entirely too much fabric. And even though I haven't been finding much time to sew (for myself) , I kept buying fabric. I looked at my stash and decided to go on a Fabric Fast.

So the challenge was anything that I made from mid-August til the end of the year, the fabric had to come from my stash. Exception being lining fabric.
While ATTEMPTING to organize my sewing room, I came across quite a few UFOs (unfinished objects). So I decided to make it a point to finish up some of those items that have been lingering (some of them longer than others). I did manage to finish a couple. This blue dress & this "bonus" dress.
And finally, I recently decided to join an online challenge - the Make a Garment a Month challenge hosted by SarahLizSewStyle. The idea is to make one garment a month FOR YOURSELF and blog about it. This is an ongoing challenge. I'm hoping it will be the boost I need to post more regularly.  I already have a couple of projects in mind although it's mid-month and I'm just getting started. Look for a garment-a-month post very soon.
I have to figure out how to add this widget to my blog LOL.


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