21 October 2013

When I Grow Up...

I often (jokingly) say to people:

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a ballerina, a Dallas Cowgirl and a racecar driver".

So when the time came that I needed a costume, of course I had to be one of those things, right?

At our church we offered our children a safe alternative to Trick or Treat called TRUNK or Treat. The adults wore costumes. We were SUPPOSED to decorate our cars and pass out candy from our open trunks (hence the name). I think all the adults got caught up in the excitement of wearing a costume and only one person decorated their car LOL.

Nevertheless, when I gave my "when I grow up" speech to explain why I was going to be a ballerina, my sister-in-law challenged me to figure out a way to incorporate all 3. Hey no problem. As long as I get to wear a tutu.

And of course the tutu is DIY. I had 40 yards of white tulle left over from my wedding decorations. (Don't ask). Now that would have been plenty to make a tutu but I mean what's the point in wearing a tutu if there's no pink on it? I purchased 8 yards of pink tulle from Joann. The tulle is approx. 54 inches wide. The white tulle was the same width. I had made a tutu before for my niece. I pretty much used the same method to make mine. There's a ton of tutorials out there so I won't bother. I Googled and found this post from Momdot.com

I simply cut my tulle into 6-inch strips and left it WOF. I should have shortened it but I had another project on the horizon and needed to finish the tutu quickly. I completed the tutu in the time it took to watch a movie.

Anyhow, here is the finished project. My cowgirls (t-shirt) ballerina (tutu) racecar driver (driving gloves) costume.


Everyone had a blast - young and old. And I got to wear a tutu. :-)

Even though I did purchase pink tulle, I'm counting this project as part of my stash buster challenge. I used 9 yards of the white tulle I had in my stash.

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  1. And it looks like you are enjoying yourself too :) It's a really pretty little tutu


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