01 April 2013

My Easter Ensemble

I saw a pic of a lace skirt on Pinterest (I think) a while back and INSTANTLY fell in love. I decided to make my own version to wear for Easter Sunday.

In the inspiration pic, the lace has a pleated waist. I decided to use Mimi G's Regal Maxi Skirt Tutorial because I know it's tried and true as I've made several skirts using this method. I did modify the measurements because I was concerned about the waistline being too bulky with the two layers of fabric. I sacrificed some fullness in the skirt by doing that but overall I'm pleased with the outcome.

For the top I used Vogue 2091 - View B which I believe is out of print. The pattern has pleats in one side but I didn't like how it looked so I "fudged" them out. Anyway, here's my version minus the visible bra.


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